Cinching down your Suppressor Cover

Installing suppressor covers can be tedious, so we decided to write articles to assist customers with installation. 

  • Orient the suppressor cover with the logo to the rear, closest to the suppressor direct threads or quick detach device (the logo should be upright when looking at it from the same side as the ejection port of a standard AR-15 Rifle or common handgun. 
  • Cinch from FRONT to REAR making sure to maintain tension all the way back to the rear (when holding bungee cord, it will be the right bungee that goes towards the front of the suppressor). 
  • Once the FRONT bungee sections are tight, tighten the rear bungee section (left side of the bungee) until the cover cinches down around the rear of the suppressor (creating a seal).
  • The suppressor cover should not budge at all once properly installed. User should be able to pull hard on the cover away from the rifle (while not flagging anyone or their self) without any movement. 


Suppressor Cover Install Tutorial

It can also be found on any suppressor cover product page in addition to YouTube (search: "burn proof gear removal tutorial"), or contact us via phone or email. 

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